It did not take Flash Artist Booking long to become a recognised force in one of the most competitive marketplaces in the music industry.

With Sven Vath as the talismanic figure behind the scenes the agency has gone from strength to strength and oh so carefully built a roster of talented artists who reflect the values and the impeccable taste in music that has driven the agency from day 1.

Cocoon, one of the most important electronic music brands in the world, is of course close to the heart of Flash Artist Booking and this has already become a mutually beneficial relationship that will continue and flourish.

Flash Artist Booking takes a very modern and pro-active approach to this business. A young dynamic and knowledgeable team work closely with artists and engage with their development. The aim is to target opportunities that best reflect the sound and the personality. Not just of the performer but of the event itself.

A network of long term connections reaches far and wide and with this highly creative team pulling the strings you begin to see why Flash Artist Booking brings something else to the party. Their own showcases have illustrated this in Ibiza, Berlin, Frankfurt, London and are there are so many more in the pipeline.

Independent, young, flexible and fast on its feet. Flash Artist Booking has been carefully designed to cater for what happens now.