Philipp Boss

Philipp Boss is a 24 years old DJ, music producer, sound artist and founder of the label   Einfach Hören. He is part of a new generation of Frankfurt/Offenbach Producers and DJs centering around the newly established GOSU recordstore. Growing up in a suburb of Frankfurt am Main during the late 90ies, Boss and his friends founded a band, spending a lot of time together everyday jamming blues, funk, soul, reggae and rocknroll music in their small rehearsal room.

In the late 00s Boss started digging vinyl and diving more into electronic music. With the age of majority, Frankfurt´s nightlife and its clubs became accessible. The infamous Robert Johnson Club as a constant source of inspiration in mind, Boss started producing electronic music and soon developed his own remarkable style by blending various genres. The greatest motif in his productions is always groove and rhythm, rather than big build-ups and massive drops.

With 12” releases on Pager Records, Rawax Motorcity, a double-album on La Peña Records and appearances on his own Label Einfach Hören, Boss constantly shapes his interpretation of house music nowadays. His sound signature is heavily defined by improvisation with analog machines and collaborations between good friends - a workflow he keeps maintaining since his band-days. Boss´s DJing shows parallels between the organic & electronic world. He plays a vibrant mix of house, techno, funk, electro and disco music, which got him spinning regularly at most of Frankfurt´s venues, Berlins “Salon zur wilden Renate” and even led to a Tokyo-Tour in late 2017.

Coming up for 2018 is Boss´s 2x12” Solo Album on La Peña Records 022, a couple of 12” EPs on various Labels and a gig in his beloved Robert Johnson living room.