Josh Wink

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Philadelphia born and based Josh Wink is one of the true pioneers of techno, house and allied styles. At 13, a young Josh Wink began his first job as an apprentice at Captain Jack’s mobile DJ Company. Three years later, he had started to DJ at local house parties. By 1988 – the year that ‘rave’ exploded into public conscious - Wink was already a main player on the underground music scene. In 1990, just out of his teens, Wink released his first EP ‘Tribal Confusion’ on Strictly Rhythm, under the moniker E-Culture (with King Britt), also releasing other EPs under various different guises. In 1994 he formed his own imprint ‘Ovum Recordings’ and released ‘Liquid Summer’ – a track which helped propel him onto the international circuit. In 1995, Josh Wink consecutively unleashed a string of classics including ‘Don't Laugh’ (recorded as Winx on Nervous Records) and ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ – tracks that topped charts worldwide and that are still recognized and played today. He also remixed Moby and Firefly in the same year. In 1996, whilst gaining recognition from leading press including Rolling Stone magazine, Josh Wink released his debut album ‘Left Above The Clouds’ (Nervous Records). In 1998, he released his second LP ‘HearHere’ on his own Ovum imprint. From 1999 to 2002 he delivered remixes for artists like Steve Bug, Lil Louis, Depeche Mode, Dave Clark, Mood II Swing and Slam. In 2003 Josh Wink produced his third artist album ‘20 To 20’. In the following years he remixed renowned artists including Sting, Radiohead, Masters At Work, DJ Sneak, Alter Ego or GusGus. 2009 saw the release of Wink’s fourth opus ‘When A Banana Was Just A Banana’ and a flurry of activity ensued. After the release of the album, Wink featured on the cover of nine music magazines worldwide and subsequently toured the globe. As a DJ, Josh Wink extensively has traveled the globe since 1995 – playing every festival that counts, through to the smallest and underground venues around the globe. His only residency in the world is held in his hometown of Philadelphia at Fluid. Taking trends, making trends and breaking trends, Josh Wink’s music has always experimented and influenced. . “The Best DJ experience is being able to create an audio atmosphere where an audience can absorb from me, while I get absorbed from them.”